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Our Top Recommendation
Cell Phones: The Ultimate Guide for Choosing A Cell Phone That's Right for Your Needs, Cell Phone Etiquette and More

The best resource we could find for cell phone aficionados! It contains great information on today's wireless options, opportunities, security hazards and EMF issues. If you love your communication technology then we highly recommend this book. Great detail and very relevant to today's connected world.

Also Recommended
Communication Technology (Series in Communication Technology and Society)

This is a book that is a series of books about communication technology and society. The series of books focuses on social aspects of communication technology. The book and all of the others in the series are written by a variety of communication specialists. The book is to help provide an interdisciplinary approach to studying a field that is rapidly changing. The book is especially good for researchers, practitioners of communication technology and students going into this field of technology.

Also Recommended
Communication Technology Update and Fundamentals

This book covers different communication technologies that revolve around the lives of all such as television, the web, blogging, social media and tons more. It covers how people in business take advantage of all the latest in communication technology and keep up with the trends. This book is good for both the professional as well as students studying telecommunications, mass media, digital signage, consumer electronics, computers and more. The newest edition includes historical facts, ideas and concepts that moved communication technology to where it is today. There is also a companion website to go along with this particular edition.

Also Recommended
Using Information Technology

This book is a practical intro to computers and communications. This is for students who are looking to know how to use technology in order to enrich their lives in a world of technology that is very rapidly changing. It is also a good read for those just interested in technology. Many readers have found it interesting enough to not want to put it down until they were finished with it.

Also Recommended
Handbook of Research on Educational Communications and Technology

This is the 4th edition of this handbook ad it expands more upon the previous three by updating the research that deals with new and emerging educational communication technologies. There are additional chapters that cover research methodology and has extensive literature review and outstanding research and has major findings in the study of communication technology. This book is a good one for students of communication.

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