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Some Effects that Communication Technology Has on Kids

Whether we want to admit it or not, we have become a digital society. With the age of the cell phones, video games, computers and the Internet we have allowed communication technology to basically take control over the way in which we communicate and gather our information. Controversy of course has risen during all of this on whether this abundance of technology is helping or harming the mental and emotional development of today's children.

We all know that younger kids and teens now spend a huge amount of their time in front of one kind of a screen or another and there are those that disagree on the effects this is having on our children's development. Some say that all of this is beginning to impair the brain functioning of some children. A study at UCLA has shown that although all of this technology and quick access to information has allowed for children to excel in multitasking and visual reasoning skills it at the same time could be decreasing their overall attention span. This means that it makes it harder for kids to take the time to sit down and figure out more complex types of problems that take time and a lot of concentration.

Today's Internet has made it simply immediate for information retrieval and it's been reported that over 80% of all American children from the ages of 12 through 17 are using the Internet to get their information and to do other things, on a daily basis. It has made it possible for kids to get rid of their library cards and do research from the comfort of their own homes. With this easy access to worldwide information it is easy to see why kids are getting lazy when it comes to doing research and simply taking that everything they see on the Internet is factual. This can really be a dangerous thing because a lot of the information they run into is misleading and not factual. It's important that parents help with this when their children are conducting research so that they can help them learn to figure our what is factual and what isn't.

Social relationships are changing big time due to this kind of technology. With the high tech phones it's been discovered that most kids prefer to communicate with their friends by sending them text all the time instead of actually sitting down and have personal conversations. How often children text has surpassed all other kinds of communication, which even includes talking on the phone. Then of course there are the social network sites that are also used for communication. It's possible that eventually children will soon lose the proper skills to know how to carry on a face to face conversation.

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How to Decide on a Communication Technology Career

If you are considering a career in communication technology you will discover that it involves a huge range of different technologies like transmitters and receivers, Internet networking, computers, WAN or wide area networks, LAN or local area networks, antenna, transmission lines, electric circuits and even software programs and programming. It is also probably one of the hottest fields to consider studying. Some technology specialists can end up having some of the highest paid positions in the job market today. But, since it covers such a wide variety, it is very important that you first figure out what area you are going to want to focus on before making it your field of study.

The first thing you will need to do is to do some research in the general field of communication technology. Make sure to study as well as learn the definition of what this technology really is. You need to know what kind of equipment is associated with it and what companies consider themselves as communication tech companies and any other things you may need to know to get an overall view of the field.

The next thing you will need to do is to research as well as study all the possible careers that fall within this framework. You will want to identify all the different areas that you might be interested in having a career in. Make sure to list all the job opportunities as well as business opportunities that might be associated with the career areas.

Now you should choose the area of focus that is within that particular communication technology industry. Make sure to pick the area that truly fits your career and money goals. A good rule to follow is to try and pick an area that you are really going to enjoy studying and eventually enjoy working in once you graduate from school. You should also take a close look at a variety of different curriculum offered by several different colleges to help you make your decision.

Make sure that you pick a college or a university that is going to support your career objectives that you have set down for yourself. Make sure that the curriculum, their tuition and financial aid all are available to you in order for yo to do well. You should also see if they offer job placement assistance upon graduation as well.

Once you have done all of this you will be ready to begin your formal studies, enroll in the school that best suits what you need and the rest is up to you and how well you keep your grades up and what you get out of the curriculum that you have chosen.

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Good Careers in Communications Technology

With the way that communications technology is growing in our society it is becoming more and more apparent that this might be the career route that some people might want to go down. For those who enter this field they could be responsible not only for sustaining as well as improving current communication systems we now have but to also come up with new and better forms of this kind of technology. These kinds of careers can cover all kinds of different areas in the industry from software to hardware companies and media companies as well as financial organizations.

Every position in this field has it's own requirements for it's own special set of skills. But, for any kind of work in this field they must have a very strong understanding of communication systems, how they are developed as well as maintained.

Even though some employers may only require some previous work experience or certain certifications, those jobs that take on managerial roles are going to require a bachelor's degree as a minimum requirement for employment. A lot may even require a graduate degree. Those companies that are focused on computer science as well as engineering are going to want those who have degrees in information or computer science. They may also require engineering and mathematics as well.

A popular job is a software engineer. This is the person that will design and develop different software applications for different communication networks or word processing. They will be required to write algorithms that tell the computer basically what to do and they also work close with the different programmers during the the overall design and maintenance processes of each piece of software development.

Then there are the hardware engineers and they are basically the architects that are behind all of the physical parts of a computer and any communications technology. They are usually responsible for the building of and testing of all prototypes and then developing the concepts that are most cost effective as well as technologically sound.

The database developers are those that are responsible for creating and maintaining different databases. All businesses and organizations generally use databases so they can store and categorize their information. It's the job of the database developer to help analyze, correct and answer the questions that come up that pertain to the database system.

Software programmers are different from software engineers because they are the ones that are actually responsible for teaching the computers or the networks how to actually tolerate and interact with the programs created by the software engineers. They will do this by communicating with the computer through a programming language. One language for example that might be used would be Java. They will also maintain and update these programs as well as other computing tasks that might be needed.

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What are the Challenges faced with Communication Technology

There is no denying that technology has simply revolutionized the ways in which we communicate with one another on a personal as well as a professional level. As much as it has enhanced our lives, there are some problems that come with our communication technology. One problem is by spending way too much time online, which can isolate someone socially. Failing to protect your computer from hackers can even compromise the safety of your personal information among other dangers. But we don't have to let it dominate our every waking moment. We can educate ourselves and do something about it.

Social isolation can be a huge problem that arises from the advanced technology we have access to. With email, the online chats and all the different social networking sites out there, they may allow us to be able to keep in touch better, but there is a concern among psychologists that the lack of true and real human contact could have a negative effect on a person's emotional as well as social health and overall well being.

Some believe that these social networking sites can create social isolation and this could even lead to some serious health issues. Some think that by having a lack of real face to face contact with people could actually lead to altering gene functioning, could interfere with our immune systems and even impair our mental performances. While having real personal interaction with others has far more positive effects on a person's overall well being.

Another problem which is a growing problem, is cyber crime. There are cyber criminals out there that will exploit the technology in order to steal financial information and get involved in identity theft. They can do this by installing some illegal spyware on a computer without consent or by getting through security measures that have vulnerabilities, like online merchant websites. When they do this they are able to steal credit card and bank card details. Another cyber crime is phishing emails. These are emails that will send a customer to a fake website and gather their information from them through this fake site. There are also viruses and worms created by cyber criminals that will cause computers to not function properly and even send spam from other people's computers.

There is also the issue of the loss of privacy with all the advancement in technology. Even though there are state and federal laws that do protect the data with regards to financial or medical information and access is only on a need to know basis, there still is sensitive information out there that can be compromised by people through gossip, by others being careless or if someone holds a grudge against someone else.

Another thing is the safety of children. This kind of advanced technology can expose them to a lot of different risks that include graphic sexual images, being exposed to sexual predators who prey on children in chat rooms and through emails. There is also online bullies and those are found often on a variety of different social network sites. Parents need to be vigilant and try and keep their kids safe by keeping a watch on what they do online and install software programs that filter out all sexual content and make sure that children use kid friendly search engines. Two such ones would be Surf Safely and Ask Kids.

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How to Make a Game for Cell Phones

Today, communications technology has made phones far more than just phones. You can use them as a phone, text people, use to save information on like phone numbers, addresses and more. You can use them for email, get online with and a ton of other things. If you consider yourself a high tech person and want to take advantage of the ever advancing technology of communication, you might want to consider designing your own game for cell phones. Here you will find a few pointers about creating your own game.

The first thing you should do is make a software requirements document. What this is, is a document that gives details on the functional level of how the game actually works. Remember that games need to be fun and engaging enough to keep the players interest. So, you should lay out the case for your game and the overall play mechanics of I and how the user is going to interact with the software, should all be in this document. Don't put any technical details in at this point, just walk through all the steps of the user's interaction with the game you are creating.

The next thing to do is to write some software design specs that are based upon the requirements in the document. The specs will be details of the technical aspects of your game's programming. When completed, any programmer should be able to read your design specs and then write a programming code without much instruction. You will need to address the different nuances of the platform, the different hardware aspects and the program language features. This is the actual blueprint of how to program your game.

Next you need to design your graphics and the audio elements of your game. The document and design specs should have this outlined and the programmer should be able to utilize these design elements when they are developing the game.

After this is done you can create your game's programming code. You will have to use the software specs and the design elements to do this but it should be easy to do for any tech savvy person. Once the code is written there should be a unit test for the code to make sure everything is compatible. When the code is completed it should be possible to put together and run the game on a cell device or an emulator.

The final step is to do a true functional testing of the game. This functional testing will ensure that everything in the game is working as expected from the actual user's point of view not the designers. If there are bugs to fix, this would be the time to make any fixes and then go back and retest the game. After this is done, your game is ready to be released to the public.

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How to Make a Telecommunications School Project from Recycled Cans

You can set up some projects for your young students to help them understand communication and communication technology by using some recycled cans. This will be a fun classroom activity for you kids that can include studying communication and even recycling as well. You should ask your students to bring in coffee cans, baby formula cans with lids, soup or vegetable cans. All can be used in these projects.

Drums since ancient times have been a way for man to communicate either messages or music and you can have your kids make some great drums by using their recycled coffee and baby formula cans they've brought in. Get the material gathered together that you will need to decorate the outside of the can drums. You might want to have available some construction paper, some tissue paper, ribbon, some glue and scissors. Next you can have your students draw on their construction paper with markers or crayons and then cut the paper so that it will fit onto the cans. Then have them glue the paper onto the cans. Tie some ribbon around the drum and they can then play their drums either with their hands or use some wooden spoons.

Although stilts are not a form of communication they still can be a form of great fun for your students. You can create can stilts with larger cans like 24 ounce juice or sauce cans. Ask that the parents open the cans with an opener and only on the sides of the can so the lids will remain intact for the project. Each of your students are going to need two cans.

First take the cans and have the students decorate the outsides of them by cutting different strips of construction paper and gluing the strips of paper around their cans. With some strong rope or twine, thread it through the holes on either side of the can. Tie the ends of the rope or twine together to create some walking stilts for the students to use.

Another fun project for your students is to make telephones out of cans. This can be done with recycled vegetable or soup cans. Before working with the students on making these you should punch holes in the bottom of all the cans with a long nail and a hammer. Put the cans with the open end facing up towards the ceiling on a work space and then gently tap the nail through the bottom of your cans with a hammer. Make sure to smooth out any rough edges so they don't scratch your students.

Now you will take a long piece of string and thread it through one end of the can and tie it with several knots and then attach another can to the other end of the string in the same manner. You need to make sure that both of the bottom of the cans with the holes are facing each other.

Now give each of the open ends of the can telephone to two different students and have them stretch apart from each other. Have them experiment with talking into the can phones and have them determine how long of a string can be used for the phone to still work or how quiet a student can talk and still be heard on the can phone.

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Why a Career in Communication Technology is a Good Choice

If you are looking for a career that might be around for quite some time then you might want to check out the different industries that have dealings with communication technology. Today's society has make it nearly crucial that technology can function efficiently and consistently. People want more and want it faster and this is opening up opportunities for people to enter the field of this kind of technology. Those who have careers in any kind of communications field will need to be well versed and well trained.

The different positions that are available in the different industries of communications are all going to require a different set of specific skills. But, the one thing in common for those going to go into this field and that is they will need to have a very strong understanding of communication systems and how they have to be maintained and how they are developed.

Some employers might require that those who want jobs in this kind of work have some sort of work experience or at least some sort of certification, there will also be an incline in manager roles, there will also be jobs that will require BA's and even some that will prefer the person to have a graduate degree. There are a lot of companies that focus on computer science as well as engineering and will prefer that their applicants have degrees in computer science, math and engineering. Other companies will focus on the business applications end of communication and want graduates with business and information systems degrees.

Some of the jobs that will also require different kind of degrees in communications would be software engineers that develop as well as design software like communication networks and word processors. They will be required to write things like algorithms that are vital in telling computers what to do. These positions can start at about $69,000 a year.

Then there is the hardware engineers who are the actual architects behind all the physical parts of a computer and communication technology. This group of professionals are responsible for building as well as testing different kinds of prototypes and developing different concepts that are more cost effective and more sound technologically. The starting yearly wage for this job is around $71,000.

The database developer is responsible for creating and maintaining different databases. A lot of businesses and organizations use databases to store all of their important information and it's the job of the database developer to do analysis, correct and answer any questions there might be about the entire system. This type of professional starts at about $74,000 a year.

There is also the software programmer. They are actually responsible for teaching the computer or the network how to tolerate and to interact with all new programs introduced to it. They will do this by communicating with the network or the compute through a language like Java for example. They also are responsible for maintaining and updating programs along with a variety of other tasks dealing with computers. The average starting salary for this professional is about $79,000.

As you can see, there are a wide range of jobs and salaries to go with those jobs. If you are interested in this type of work you will have to do good research on the different professions and then decide which one you think would best suit you and what your plans are for the future.

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A Few Facts About Communication Technology

We all know that communication technology simply has revolutionized the way in which we interact with each other. But to understand the complete magnitude of this asset, you need to kind of go back further into communication than where we are now, where it all began. Understand first that any communication technology is going to include all the machines, networks and tools that we use to send and receive messages.

The very first large scale piece of communication technology was back in 1454 and that would be the printing press. This machine was created by Johann Gutenberg and it was the first machine that allowed for the mass production of information. The Bible was the first huge production produced by Gutenbergs printing press and it was called the Gutenberg Bible.

The next really big advancement in communication technology would have been in 1837 when Samuel Morse invented the telegraph. The telegraph enabled people to communicate with others relatively quickly and over vast miles of country. In 1874, the typewriter was created by Remington which allowed even the average educated person to write and disseminate information. Believe it or not, it was in 1939 that the very first computer was created, it was called the Mark I and it was in 1972 when the very first email was sent.

Communication has been extended beyond the written word, especially when Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876 and by 1892 there was direct dialing. In 1973 the very first cell phone call was placed and by 1977 the first fiber optic telephone lines were being laid. In 1997 the camera phone was introduced to the public and now as we all know, today's phone are more like computers that can browse the Internet and much more.

There are a lot of benefits that come with all this technology for the consumer, the professional and for personal use. It has aided in business expansions and globalization and smartphones allow for emails, text and calls that can be place at any time from any place. The Internet helps to promote the information fast and advertising has prospered from the millions of websites out there. Video conferencing helps companies conduct meetings with people across the country and around the world and helps to keep down the costs on these kinds of meetings.

Parents can better keep track of where their kids are with GPS devices in their phones, you can keep in touch with other family members with any cell phone, have video conferences through services such as Skype and of course email. Of course then there is communication through all the different social networks that let friends and family keep up to date with what's going on.

There are some disadvantages however. Since this kind of technology makes it easier for us to be more accessible in a lot more places for longer times, we are creating a culture of workaholics. These individuals become overworked and seem to have no sense of a truly defined leisure time because they bring their work with them wherever they go. This is leading to an increased rate of employee burnouts in the workplace, which has actually led to a new group called Workaholics Anonymous.

Another thing is that with things like text messages, instant messages and emails it can lead to a lot of misunderstanding because there simply are no nonverbal cues such as facial expressions or hand gestures to give cues of how to take certain comments. It can cause a lot of problems in family life, with friends and even at work. It's also possible that as a society we may forget how to communicate and read nonverbal cues in person completely if we're not careful.

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