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Some Effects that Communication Technology Has on Kids

Whether we want to admit it or not, we have become a digital society. With the age of the cell phones, video games, computers and the Internet we have allowed communication technology to basically take control over the way in which we communicate and gather our information. Controversy of course has risen during all of this on whether this abundance of technology is helping or harming the mental and emotional development of today's children.

We all know that younger kids and teens now spend a huge amount of their time in front of one kind of a screen or another and there are those that disagree on the effects this is having on our children's development. Some say that all of this is beginning to impair the brain functioning of some children. A study at UCLA has shown that although all of this technology and quick access to information has allowed for children to excel in multitasking and visual reasoning skills it at the same time could be decreasing their overall attention span. This means that it makes it harder for kids to take the time to sit down and figure out more complex types of problems that take time and a lot of concentration.

Today's Internet has made it simply immediate for information retrieval and it's been reported that over 80% of all American children from the ages of 12 through 17 are using the Internet to get their information and to do other things, on a daily basis. It has made it possible for kids to get rid of their library cards and do research from the comfort of their own homes. With this easy access to worldwide information it is easy to see why kids are getting lazy when it comes to doing research and simply taking that everything they see on the Internet is factual. This can really be a dangerous thing because a lot of the information they run into is misleading and not factual. It's important that parents help with this when their children are conducting research so that they can help them learn to figure our what is factual and what isn't.

Social relationships are changing big time due to this kind of technology. With the high tech phones it's been discovered that most kids prefer to communicate with their friends by sending them text all the time instead of actually sitting down and have personal conversations. How often children text has surpassed all other kinds of communication, which even includes talking on the phone. Then of course there are the social network sites that are also used for communication. It's possible that eventually children will soon lose the proper skills to know how to carry on a face to face conversation.

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