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What are the Challenges faced with Communication Technology

There is no denying that technology has simply revolutionized the ways in which we communicate with one another on a personal as well as a professional level. As much as it has enhanced our lives, there are some problems that come with our communication technology. One problem is by spending way too much time online, which can isolate someone socially. Failing to protect your computer from hackers can even compromise the safety of your personal information among other dangers. But we don't have to let it dominate our every waking moment. We can educate ourselves and do something about it.

Social isolation can be a huge problem that arises from the advanced technology we have access to. With email, the online chats and all the different social networking sites out there, they may allow us to be able to keep in touch better, but there is a concern among psychologists that the lack of true and real human contact could have a negative effect on a person's emotional as well as social health and overall well being.

Some believe that these social networking sites can create social isolation and this could even lead to some serious health issues. Some think that by having a lack of real face to face contact with people could actually lead to altering gene functioning, could interfere with our immune systems and even impair our mental performances. While having real personal interaction with others has far more positive effects on a person's overall well being.

Another problem which is a growing problem, is cyber crime. There are cyber criminals out there that will exploit the technology in order to steal financial information and get involved in identity theft. They can do this by installing some illegal spyware on a computer without consent or by getting through security measures that have vulnerabilities, like online merchant websites. When they do this they are able to steal credit card and bank card details. Another cyber crime is phishing emails. These are emails that will send a customer to a fake website and gather their information from them through this fake site. There are also viruses and worms created by cyber criminals that will cause computers to not function properly and even send spam from other people's computers.

There is also the issue of the loss of privacy with all the advancement in technology. Even though there are state and federal laws that do protect the data with regards to financial or medical information and access is only on a need to know basis, there still is sensitive information out there that can be compromised by people through gossip, by others being careless or if someone holds a grudge against someone else.

Another thing is the safety of children. This kind of advanced technology can expose them to a lot of different risks that include graphic sexual images, being exposed to sexual predators who prey on children in chat rooms and through emails. There is also online bullies and those are found often on a variety of different social network sites. Parents need to be vigilant and try and keep their kids safe by keeping a watch on what they do online and install software programs that filter out all sexual content and make sure that children use kid friendly search engines. Two such ones would be Surf Safely and Ask Kids.

Paul Loves Saving Money On Alarm Monitoring commented on 12-May-2018 01:41 AM
I have been looking into this topic for about 3 weeks now and this really is the 1st posting which adds up. Why is it so difficult to access reasonable information and facts regarding protection nowadays? Certainly respect the energy you invested putting your concepts in to words so rookies like me personally may take a step. Will there be a part two for your article? Many thanks!

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